About Us

We're a small team working to build websites and developing digital experiences to help companies uncover the full potential of their business.

Constantly evolving to deliver scalable solutions that can quickly adapt to the changing landscape of your market. Regardless of size, we hope you will consider us as long-term partner with your best interest at heart. New clients are welcomed with open arms, allow us to learn about what drives You and where You want to GO.

How We Work

  • Initial Consultation

    Through meetings, skype sessions, phone calls and email our team will try to gain an understanding of your business. Your success is ours, so we strive to give you a tailored solution that will deliver the best possible results. We complement your knowledge by sharing our skill sets and experience. Once we gained the utmost confidence that the service we’re proposing fits for your situation we move on to the next stage.

  • Research & Pre-Production

    At this stage we should have a good understanding of your business, including most of the services of what we’ll be providing. Together we articulate a vision and shape the direction of our creative services. Often there will be additional questions from our designers and developers, followed by a competitive analysis or market research. All of our findings are included in your project details and we begin outlining and sketching concepts. A rough concept work will be provided to ensure we’re headed in the right direction before proceeding to the more intensive design / development work.

  • Development

    This is the fun part and where the sparks begin to fly ! Now that you’ve approved the concepts, we start designing and developing your project giving it the attention it needs, the goal is always to make something remarkable for you !

  • Feedback & Revisions

    During this phase our proposed concepts are turned into polished designs and solutions. Here you are able to supply us with your feedback on each project detail. We will go back and forth during this development stage until you are thoroughly satisfied with the finished result and creation.

  • Finalizations

    We deliver a complete solution including hosting websites, regular updates of the Content Management System, search engine optimization (SEO), social media presence and related services, making sure all of your project details are fine-tuned to perfection. Finally, all of your work is archived for safe-keeping.

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